Saturday, August 18, 2018

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Wonder Wheel

The colorful and vibrant Wonder Wheel is a fun addition to an infant high chair. With beads inside the wheel, the cascading sound captures the baby’s attention. Spinning the wheel develops the understanding of cause and effect. With a suction cup bottom, this toy will attach to any table top surface to capture your infant’s […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Beginning Bites Teethers Developmental Toy

Wrap your baby in the comfort of the SwaddleMe and rest assured she will sleep safe, sound and secure. As the original fitted swaddling blanket, the renowned SwaddleMe soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the familiar, soothing snugness of the womb. It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, allowing babies […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Pop N Push Car

Sassy Pop-n-Push Car inspires exploration and promotes cause and effect learning. It is fun to watch baby pull the easy to grasp car back and watch the popping beads that hit the cars top. This brightly colored toy will encourage 6 months and older children in motor skill development. Developmental Insight: Baby’s new skills are […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Flutterby Teether Developmental Toy

Sassy’s Flutterby Teether inspires communication. The water filled wings provide a cooling sensation and additional texture for Baby to explore. The sweet symmetrical face of the Flutterby calms baby while the tonal colors encourage eye sight development. The easy grasp handle allows baby to demonstrate hands to mid-line. This is a developmental milestone. Inspires communication […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Teething Tail Fish

Sassy Teething Tail Fish The multiple textures on this toy stimulate baby’s gums. It has an easy-to-grasp handle and a water-filled tail that cool sore gums. The special shape helps reach baby’s molars. Product Dimensions (inches): 1 (L) x 3.9 (W) x 8 (H) Age: 3 months and up Multiple textures encourage oral exploration Water-filled […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Jitter Bugs Toy

Pull down this fun Jitter Bug and watch it jiggle back up! Features high contrast colors providing visual focus while bright colors inspire fascination. The adjustable VELCRO® brand closure straps makes it easy to attach to most carriers. High contrast black and white provides visual focus while bright colors inspire fascination Adjustable velcro straps attach […]

Baby Gift for Girl: Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Sassy Bath time Pals is a great bunch of little characters for the tub. A set of 5 squirt and float characters in a variety of colors and textures. They are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and squirt. Watch Me! Watch as baby becomes more familiar and comfortable with water play. Show her […]

Baby Care Gift Set: Sassy 3 Pack Newborn Developmental Book set

Sassy 3 Book Set is a great newborn toy for baby to inspire vision and imagination. Bold patterns and bright colors help engage baby’s developing vision. Interactive activities include peek-a-boo, squeakers and textures. The center book includes a carry along handle. Vinly for easy care 3 developmental books Fun textues and squeakers for baby to […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Sensation Station Suction Toy

Sassy Sensation Station inspires fascination and provides manipulation challenge appropriate for 6 months and older children. It stimulates with sounds, varieties of textures and full spectrum colors. It gives baby lessons in cause and effect by spinning toy action. A suction cup secures the toy on a high chair tray. It also has a removable […]

Baby Care Gift Set: Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures

6+ monthsInspire Imagination™9 Squirters and 1 Toy Organizer We snap together and squirt water too!Snap & Squirt Sea CreaturesThe Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures inspire baby’s imagination by encouraging a variety of bath activities. Help baby snap the characters together to form a circle or chain. Show baby how to squeeze the characters to fill […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Click Clack Keys Rattle Developmental Toy

Click clack keys, variety of dynamic sounds, Multiple textures to explore, High contrast & Rich, Bold colors to visually engage baby, “(PACK OF 2)” A favorite of baby’s Inspires communication Develops hearing Different textures Meets all current toy safety standards Sassy Click Clack Keys Rattle Developmental Toy

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Vibrating Teether Developmental Toy

Sassy Vibrating Textures – water-filled teether has multiple textures inside and out to stimulate gums- Chill teether in refrigerator for cooling sensation for teething baby- When baby bites on water-filled section, teether vibrates which stimulates gums and teaches cause-and-effect – Bold colored center disk offers additional textures for teething- “Floating beads” encourage eye-tracking skills and […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Hello Baby Phone Rattle Developmental Toy

Wall mounted, walk through gate that forms angles to fit odd shaped spaces or irregular areas that don’t have mounting points straight across. Basic set of three 24″ interlocking sections is constructed of tubular steel with a non-toxic coating that’s warm to the touch and easy to clean. The ConfigureGate is 29?” high. Available in […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Phone Of My Own Developmental Toy

Sassy Phone of My Own Developmental Toy Inspires imagination Lesson teaching cause and effect Can teach new words Makes sounds for cause and effect learning Meets all current toy safety standards Sassy Phone Of My Own Developmental Toy

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror

Sassy Crib and Floor mirror inspires baby’s vision, touch, exploration and communication and manipulation skills with high contrast colors, character faces and simple patterns and realistic forms. Includes high contrast tracker ball for visual stimulation and perception. Textures and fun characters of lady bug and butterfly keep baby’s attention. Textured leaves offer fun peek a […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Baby’s First Books

Collection of 4 fun books to read with baby! Set includes: Cute as a Bug Book features friendly faces and a mirror Dotty and Friends includes high contrast patterns and a baby-friendly handle The Love Bug Photo Album holds 4 photos of the faces baby loves best Baby’s “Sense-ations” fabric book inspires all of the […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count Net

Sassy Catch and Count Net is a developmental learning toy that makes bath time fun. The three fish double as scoopers and strainers, and include numbers to learn counting. Easy to grasp net and fish are sized for baby’s hands and help to develop hand and eye coordination. Multiple textures engage baby’s sense of touch. […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Grasp and Glow Developmental Teether Toy

The Grasp & Glow develops tactile sensitivity with textural variance. Encourages eye tracking and visual exploration with light up glow ball when spun. Provides higher level visual exploration with spinning back and mirror surface. Large open handles are easy for tiny hands to grasp. Ages: 3 months & up Developmentally appropriate for 3 months and […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy

This rattle has it all! There’s a shiny fluttering spinner, high contrast polka dot pattern, color rings that clack, and a soft ball end for teething. It’s endless entertainment for your developing baby. Paint free. Measures 8″ long. Ages: Birth & up Inspires vision Bright bold colors Encourages eye-tracking Different textures Meets all current toy […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Real Life Remote Developmental Toy

Sassy Real Life Remote – Inspire Imagination. 3+ months. Inspires imagination Developmental patterns and colors provide visual stimulation Makes silly sounds Offers introduction to new words Meets all current toy safety standards Sassy Real Life Remote Developmental Toy

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Tactile Tunes Keys Teether Toy

Sassy Electronic Keys Inspire baby’s imagination with pretend keys. Baby can press the buttons to encourage thinking skills. Multiple sounds help develop understanding of cause-and-effect. The colorful keys clack together for auditory response. Product Dimensions (inches): 1 (L) x 5.9 (W) x 7.9 (H) Age: 3 months and up Hand-eye coordination Perfect for encouraging baby’s […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Keyboard Classics Rattle Developmental Toy

This is a petite little piano sized just right for baby.  Watch the keys light up as the music plays.  The textured handle is shaped like a baby grand and two, large colorful beads slide around on the handle for added play value.  Like a player piano, this one has a moving cylinder on the top.  Spin […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Baby’s First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set

With literally dozens of award-winning toys to their name, it’s no wonder Sassy is a favorite among parents and babies alike. This 5-piece gift pack of rattles and teethers is a great introductory set and supplies the fun, educational, and engaging features that babies need in early, developmental months. Each toy on its own provides […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy 2 Pack Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy

Sassy 2 pack Ring O’ Links developmental rattle has 8 links in the set and includes a black and white ring to hold all of the links. Mutiple colors stimulate baby’s sense of vision . Use the links to link other toys together and arrange toys for baby at different heights for stimulation. Use with […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Rock Star Guitar Musical Toy

Sassy toys amp up playtime fun. Your budding rocker always takes center stage with this rock star guitar toy. Shop our full selection of baby accessories at Music encourages sense of rhythm Music stimulates logic skills Easy-touch buttons encourage Sassy Rock Star Guitar Musical Toy

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Guitar

Sassy Guitar is going to help baby become a rock star in no time! Watch as baby discovers the sounds and shake the guitar for the beads to cascade up and down, inspiring hearing. The symmetric black and white lines of guitar help baby see and get introduced to color. Bold colors combined with black […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy First Sounds Book Set and Cube

Baby’s First Sounds Book and Cube Set allows baby to begin her first books and learn with fun words, pictures and sounds. Book is attention keeping with objects that connect with words. This exposes baby to visual stimulation with bold patterns and rich hues. Three books and block give baby language experiences Attention keeping objects […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Go-Go Guitars Musical Toy, Colors May Vary

Attach this set of two rattle Go-Go Guitars to your infant carrier for musical fun on the go. Bright colors and black and white stripes encourage baby’s development of vision early on, and then baby can bat at the guitars to make his own music as he begins to grow.High-contrast black and white provides visual […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Simple Fascination Station

Baby can spin, flip and rattle this miniature Ferris wheel. Placed in its sturdy suction cup base, it attaches to a highchair tray or flat surface. Removed from the base, it’s a hand-held toy. Baby can spin the plastic parts to see a smiley face and mirror, and hear a variety a rattling beads.  Two […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Xylophone Musical Toy

Xylophone inspires hearing and touch as each button has a different texture for baby to feel. Each texture has a corresponding sound when pressed to help develop cause-and-effect. The bright colors and high-contrast black and white handle is great for baby to learn and develop senses. Each texture has a corresponding sound when pressed Helps […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Water filled Teethers Developmental Toy

It takes two to Tango! Whether they are newborn twins or children of different ages, Tango has individual adjustments to keep different personalities happy and content. You can even secure select infant car seat models onto one of the stroller seats. And although Tango is sturdy enough for two plus gear, it also has a […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Illumination Station

80058 Features: -Two toys in one; suction base for use on highchair or table surface.-Removable rotating toy for carry along.-Spinning ferris wheel fascinates baby with spinning elements.-Baby can bat at station to cause action.-Polka-dot ball lights up when spun to int. Developmentally appropriate for 6 months and older Suctions to table or high chair Easy […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball promotes the development of fine motor skills and involves planning and motor speed, visual tracking, reaching, object manipulation and grasping. From about 6 months, babies will begin to demonstrate these fine motor skills. The Sassy Bumpy Ball has been designed to help baby with all of the developmental skills. The Sassy […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set-Inspires Touch

Sassy Sensory Ball SetThree balls engage baby’s sense of touch and hearing skills. Soft ball features bold colors and high contrasts, as well as a variety of textures to explore. Plastic ball contains flutter ball inside with graphical flipper to stimulate vision. Squishy baby-safe plastic ball features tactile bumps to encourage touch. As baby grows, […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Mini Sports Rattle Developmental Toy

Great for the soccer enthusiast! This rattle features high contrast black and white colors to stimulate vision, colorful rings that clack for auditory stimulation, and a center filled with colorful beads for extra fun. Textures on the grasp bar encourage baby to touch and explore. Great for mouthing. Ages: 3 months & up Inspires imagination […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Flip and Grip Rattle 2 Pack Developmental Toy

Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle The Flip ‘n Grip Rattle inspires the sense of grasping with handles that are sized just right for little hands. The spinning center on the rattle also engages baby and helps develop eye muscles with high contrast color. Completely paint free! Two lightweight rattles High contrast patterns stimulate vision Textured […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Letter Links Developmental Toy

The Sassy Letter Links inspires touch. Set of twenty-six links in letter shapes. Links can be attached to spell words. Your child will enjoy learning the alphabet with the Sassy Letter Links. Inspire touch Bold, bright colors Provides interaction opportunity for caretaker and baby Enhances brain activity Meets all current toy safety standards Sassy Letter […]

Baby Developmental Toy: Sassy Smart Baby Cell Phone

Sassy smart baby phone has bold textures and colors and looks like a cell phone. Colorful beads for a great rattle and textures to stimulate with 7 different sounds and fun phrases when the keys are pushed. Imagination for any little one, talking on the cell phone like mommy and daddy. For ages 6 months […]