Saturday, August 18, 2018

Baby Toddler Toy: Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing

Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing What a catch. Children will love playing with their very own magnetic fishing set. Hook the fish and reel them in. Submerge the fish and watch them blow bubbles. This set includes a cute little magnetic worm to attract the fish. It is a bright, colorful and playful way to develop […]

Baby Toddler Toy: Tolo Toys Rolling Shape Sorter

Your child will love opening and rolling the different colored shapes in the Rolling Shape Sorter by TOLO. This brightly colored Rolling Shape Sorter will entertain your young one for hours. It will also stimulate young minds to learn and develop with sound and pitch, colors and shapes, gripping and release, sorting skills, touch and […]

Baby & Toddler Toy: Tolo Toys Rainbow Stackers

Tolo Rainbow Stackers – Tolo T89650. 7 brightly colored plastic hats Different colors, textures and shapes Learn to nest, stack, and sort Great in the bath, garden, or beach Made of multi-colored durable plastic Tolo Toys Rainbow Stackers